Ivan Idris Tumbling


Skip lists are a freaking awesome data structure you should go and read about today. Despite a full implementation fitting comfortably on a single A4 page they still manage to perform well compared to significantly more complex tree structures. That aside, who doesn’t want to use a data…


I spend a fair amount of my own time teaching myself to code and recently, trying to build an actual application that I plan to put online and have other people use. Recently, while I was in a bit of slump trying to make a major push on the app. I knew that the next stage - figuring out the DB…


For anyone who thought the IPython Notebook was not for writing a player piano.


For the past few weeks I’ve been taking classes of 15-17 year old students and teaching them a variety of programming concepts and practical knowledge in Python.

Yesterday, I ran an extended workshop on the Raspberry Pi, followed by some Python programming basics with a class of 25.